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The Myriad Era

Jessie is an incredibly fast and yet thorough beta reader. She's great with details, and yet she effectively sees the big picture. I highly recommend her, especially if you need to get something back quickly and want someone to do a quality professional job.


Jessie had a fast turnaround time - I was expecting a week but Jessie was able to wrap up reading and responding within 3 days! She was also insightful in her analysis of the characters and very helpful in answering my questions.

The Gatherers

Jessie – thank you so much for your quick response. You’ve done an exceptional job at reviewing my manuscript and I agree with the points you’ve made. Thank you for also catching some typos and inconsistencies. I appreciate all of your feedback and will be making adjustments accordingly! Appreciate all of your thought and advice and would heartily recommend you to any other looking for an informed and conscientious beta reader!


I hired Jessie Wolf to beta reader my dystopian novel, and was amazed by the depth of feedback provided. I had many concerns as this was my first full-length piece. Not only did she address my list of very specific questions about characters, plot and tone, but she went above and beyond to point out strengths and weaknesses in the story to help with my next round of edits. It was obvious that she was very engaged in the reading, as she picked up on nuances that other readers missed. This showed me that my message was there, and just needed a little tweaking so that others would see it, too. She gave a good amount of constructive criticism, and expanded on her thoughts when I pressed her, which fortified her already wonderful analyses. I would highly recommend Jessie and look forward to working with her again.

And After Death

Thank you so much for what you did. Your comments were extremely useful! You were very helpful!


Jessie’s services were invaluable to my work. The proofreading exhibited keenness and the notes I received demonstrated a welcome sensibility to the story. Jessie is worth every penny; a total pro. 5 stars


Jessie was everything a writer hopes for in an editor: precise, constructive, respectful, a pleasure to communicate with, and she gave feedback even faster than her original deadline. My manuscript was still in the developmental edit stage, and she even corrected the grammar and spelling; that shows she has a natural eye for editing. I couldn’t be happier with the work she did, and I would recommend her services to anyone seeking an editor.

The Thing About Forgiveness

Recently Jessie beta read a manuscript for me and she was so quick and helpful. Originally, she said that she would be finished in about two weeks time, but she had it back to me within five days! There were suggestions and advice, as well as praise for what she liked. She gave me valuable insight to what the reader sees so that I know what to adjust to get my story perfect. I will definitely seek Jessie’s services in the future!

Death's Queen series

I highly recommend working with Jessie Wolf. She does a quick, thorough job that impresses me every time. I always love her feedback, even when it’s on something I need to fix. Her thoughts and ideas are spot on and help to make my book better. She’s always good at answering questions, going above and beyond what I’m searching for. I look forward to working with Jessie again and again!

The Sum of Who We Are

Working with Jessie was an absolute delight–I couldn’t ask for a more astute and insightful beta-reader. Jessie has a penchant for identifying narrative inconsistencies, and offering suggestions to make your plot flow coherently. If you’re searching for a reliable second opinion on character and dialogue, look no further than Jessie. Added to her already glowing resume is her ability to spot grammatical and typographical errors. I worked with Jessie on my first manuscript, and all I have to say I can’t recommend her highly enough. I’m looking forward to working with her on my next project.


Thank you, the notes are very helpful. Thank you for putting in so much time and effort with the notes. They are very helpful.


On a “why not give it a go” encounter did I chance upon Ms. Jessie Wolf’s extended hand. From clear across the Atlantic, she offered to Beta Read my manuscript, that even family had shied away from. My expectation was hopeful, but what Jessie gave me was an erudite appraisal. She made the offer to help her duty, and completed the task expertly.
I am grateful to Jessie Wolf for the insight into the mechanics of my manuscript; but more everlasting, for the integrity of her humanity.

Mindless Fantasy

I asked Jessie to beta read my dual POV contemporary fantasy novel after I had made revisions and was so certain the plot-line was perfect. However, she did not pull any punches, providing succinct and constructive feedback on my opening, how she thought it was rushed, and why.

She was also able to analyze the story from the position of the characters, allowing her to point out places where the POVs didn’t quite add up or could be linked better. She pointed out spelling errors and inconsistencies in the plot most beta readers failed to catch.

Without a doubt, her suggested revisions for improvement were not easy. However, ensuring a manuscript is perfect is not an easy process. I’m so happy I ran this book by her before attempting to query or anything of the sort.

I will definitely use her services in the future!

Back Country Gold

Damn Jessie, you are good

The Machine in the Ghost

Jessie Wolf, Howl at the Moon Editing, provides knowledgeable, incisive and fast editing services. She accommodates a writer’s needs and budget. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Highly Recommended.

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