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For Reading Services

I offer work on one chapter for free so you can get a feel for my process. 

Payment via PayPal, 25% upfront and the remaining balance upon completion.

Average turnaround time is 1-2 weeks, but a detailed schedule will be provided during the initial discussion.

Repeat customers receive a cumulative 10% discount each time they return (to a maximum of 70%).

0.002/word (£/$/€)


A thorough read-through to eliminate spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Style guide applied to your work to ensure consistency throughout.

0.004/word (£/$/€)

Beta Reading

A read-through focusing on story, plot and character. Issues around pacing and style will also be addressed. Comprehensive notes and feedback regarding the development of the story from a consumer perspective given. Basic errors pointed out.

0.003/word (£/$/€)

Sensitivity Reading

As a proud gay woman, I offer sensitivity reading of books dealing with lesbian and queer women and other LGBT issues.

I also read international authors' books set in or focused on Britain, particularly London.

0.007/word (£/$/€)

Copy Editing

A double read-through focusing on story development as well as spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Suggestions made for improving the overall work as well as pacing and stylistic inconsistencies. 

Tight budget? No problem! Check out our Honour System and see if it's a good fit for you!

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