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Huck by Mark Millar

A truly beautiful story. It’s really nice to see someone with super powers just being a genuinely good person, not asking for recognition or reward. The good deeds Huck does are such minor things but they make people happy. We could all be a little more like Huck.

My Recommendation

This is a quick read with beautiful artwork and a beautiful story, I would recommend it to pretty much everyone.

Not For Everyone

I think this a good intro to graphic novels if you’re looking for something simple to ease you in. But obviously if you don’t like graphic novels or super powered individuals then it’s not for you.

To The Author

Stunning. Can’t wait for more.

If You’ve Never Read The Book And Want To Say You Have

Huck is a great man, doing one good deed a day, just wanting to be loved.

Academic Prompts

The fate of “orphans” in comic books

Character worth determined by how they treat animals

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